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PVC door & windows
High-class details

PVC French windows

This type of glazed French window, unlike the common outside doors, allows natural light to enter and, unlike common windows, it is open to the ground in order to let people move in and out; the French window is usually used to access balconies, terraces and gardens.
We manufacture single or double PVC French windows with tilt/turn opening systems.
The most classic window updates and matches balance and harmony respecting all architectural contexts and offering exceptional performance as regards energy saving.
Frame and hinged windows with galvanized steel reinforcing elements or with the innovative glass fibre reinforcing system.
The corners of the frame and of the hinged windows are welded; double-glazing and anticorrosion locking hardware. Light is free to enter thanks to the special design of our PVC window profile, which also makes windows easy to clean: you just need a soft cloth.