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PVC door & windows
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The first PVC products appeared a century after the synthesis of vinyl chloride carried out in a laboratory in 1835 by the French H. V. Regnault. The polymerization of vinyl chloride was already performed in laboratories since the years preceding World War I, but the manufacturing of PVC products started in America in 1927; industrial manufacturing only started in 1939.
Nowadays, after only 70 years from its first appearance on the market, PVC is one of the most popular plastic materials in the world.
Vinyl chloride monomer, or CVM, polymerizes easily and becomes PVC. Polymerization is a chemical process that produces a substance made of two or more molecules – monomers – of the same compound. The word polymer (from the Greek poli = several and mera = part) means a substance made up of several basic units that repeat several times in the structure, like a wall made up of several identical bricks.
Why PVC doors and windows by ARTI
ARTI PVC doors and windows are pre-eminently innovative, especially when installed in houses, and are long-lasting thanks to two main reasons:

  1. Excellent soundproofing and heat insulation with tangible saving on heating costs, high comfort, and protection from the noises of modern life.

  2. Maintenance is not necessary thus the costs to maintain your windows beautiful and performing are eliminated: no painting or surface treatment is needed.

The advantages of ARTI PVC doors and windows

design_ed_estetica.png  Design and beauty
Thanks to the wide range of possible solutions manufactured by ARTI in the desired shape and colour, ARTI doors and windows perfectly fit in in any house.

versabilita_progettuale.png  Versatile design
ARTI doors and windows perfectly fit in in any environment: at the seaside, in the mountains, in urban environments.

assistenza_manutenzione_pulizia.png  No maintenance
The effects of weather, such as humidity, salinity, and the sun, do not deteriorate PVC, which just needs to be cleaned.

ecologia_ambiente.png  Ecology and environment
PVC does not pollute and is fully recyclable.

impermeabilita_acqua_aria.png  Waterproof and airproof
 Frames, doors and seals guarantee perfect tightness even in extreme weather conditions.

resistenza_fuoco.png  Fire resistance
 PVC is extremely safe in any type of building since it is fire-resistant and self-extinguishable.

isolamento_termico.png  Heat insulation
The multi-chambered profiles of ARTI PVC doors & windows have an extremely low heat conductivity, which in turn means higher heat insulation.

isolamento_acustico.png  Soundproofing
The soundproofing values of OUR doors and windows are extremely high because the multi-chambered PVC profiles absorb sound waves.