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PVC door & windows
High-class details

PVC Blinds

Our PVC blinds have a high aesthetic value: they give style and glamour to the façade of your house, while protecting from the sun and providing airing.
All our PVC blinds (with fixed, adjustable or blind slats) are equipped inside with metal reinforcements or glass fibre and accessories that give them utmost resistance and stability.

Our PVC blinds, along with all our products, are long lasting and offer high resistance to weather effects and conditions. Humidity, salinity, and the sun do not deteriorate PVC, which just needs to be cleaned regularly.
Our PVC blinds are customizable and can be manufactured in the desired shape and colour so that they perfectly fit in in any house at the seaside, in the mountains, in urban environments.

Semi-darkening fixed-slat PVC blind
This type of PVC blinds is made up of semi-darkening fixed slats so that you can choose how bright the room will be. This product resembles the classic “Made in Italy” blind typical of Italian cities that has evolved thanks to PVC.

PVC blind with adjustable slats
This model of PVC blind is equipped with adjustable slats so that you can choose how bright the room will be and with external rabbet frame. 

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